iBook or P1

This picture is taken from O'Grady's Powerpage, and is just an imaginary picture, just as the ones below.

The much rumored consumer portable from Apple. This low-cost light-weight portable is primeraly meant for the education market, as one of the goals with it is to run a whole school day without having to recharge the batteries. There are rumor about Apple including a crank-mechanism to load batteries. In that case, 1 minute of cranking should give about 40 minutes of battery power.
Another amazing thing about the iBook is its expected price compared with its power. It is expected to outrun the iMac in sales!
The casing is expected to be of the same translusent plastics the iMac uses, and is expected to come in several colours. Also the casing will be designed to take alot of rough use. Testing has been done by dropping them of a school bench!

Check out the preliminary specs.

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These are a couple of picture I made, for fun. They are just recoloured Powerbook G3's.