Home J. Simpson

Age : 35

Voice : Dan Castellaneta

Occupation : Nuclear Safety Technician

Life Goal : To appear on the "Gong" show.

Favorite food : Pork chops, and Donuts.

Favorite Passtime: Watcing the TV

Homer J. Simpson, clumbsy food maniac is the father of the Simpsons. Homer loves food, in fact, food and beer are the only things he realy likes! He spends all his free time infront of the TV with a beer and often some kind of snack, like crisps or peanuts. He also loves doughnuts.

He is also so amazingly dumb and clumbsy, never the less he works as a Safety Technician at the local Nuclear Power Plant.

There is so much more to say about Homer, but if I have missed something important send me an email and let me know!