Clarus the Dogcow

Dogcow History

The Dogcow was first sighted in the Cairo fonts in early versions on the MacOS. She was originaly the official mascot of the Apple Technical Support. In later days she has become so popular that she is a seen everywhere. In fact, she has got a jobb doing the page setup dialog for apple printers. Clarus aslo has her own statue outside of the Apple Headquarters toogether with the famous pen and filling bucket from MacPaint.

Some facts about the Dogcow.

Sounds most often heard from the Dogcow:

Natural Enemies:

Natural Tendencies:

Defence against



Leeding Causes of death:

Dogcow Etiquette:



Grazing of cliffs and getting lost in the weeds

Since the Dogcow is a twodimensional creature, it can face predators head-on in order to avoid being seen


Female, like all cows, males would be called Dogbulls, and there are allready bulldogs, and God desnt like naming problems.

Falling off cliffs while grazing and being run over by lawn mowers.

Address the Dogcow by name, and the only after ut has spoken to you

Clarus the Dogcow is Copyright of Apple Computer.