Bartholomew J. Simpson

Age: 10

Occupation: Student

Voice: Nancy Cartwright (yes, thats a girl)
First Words: "Ay Carrumba!"

Secret Identity: El Barto

Favorite Slogans include: "Get Bent" and "Eat my Shorts"

Favorite TV-Show: Itchy and Scratcy Show and Crusty the Clown

The low IQ'ed son of the family, almost as dumb as his father. Barts favorite past time is skateboarding. His best friend is called Millhouse, and together they get up to alot of mischiev. All the planning is done in their tree house in barts backyard.

Bart, like most boys of his age, hates school, and does anything he can to get out of school and homework.But when forced to go to school he gets up to alot of mischiev and is sent to the principal several times a day!

Bart loves wathing TV, specialy Crusty the Clown, Springfield famous clown. He also loves watchin Itchy and Scratchy, the satir of all cat and mouse cartoons. Itchy and Scratchy is extremly gory to make fun of all other cat and mouse cartoons.